These are the most amazing products I have ever come across in my life. They gave me instant and effective pain relief. We are now carrying all of these products at Altitudes and for those of you who can’t make it in, we will provide free shipping. Watch this….TV Appearance

Made of crystals, gemstones and essential oils, they supply your body with exactly what it knows what to do with.
The body is a powerful and wise self healer, but often lacking the energy or fuel to fully activate it’s self repair abilities. This is like winning the energy lottery for a body that’s been running on an energy budget. Work or work out with them on and I swear you will be AMAZED.

Pain is gone on contact. Severe pain is dramatically reduced in seconds. Inflammation gone wherever worn in hours. Bruising, scarring, cuts, minimal in miraculous time. Increases hair growth, brings back feeling from neuropathy It gives power wherever it is needed.

For anyone who has a hard time sleeping or sitting because of back pain, etc. You will love the ‘Vibrational Therapy Mat’ (to the left). They come in 3 sizes. Small 8×11 $99, Medium 16 x 11 $199.00 and Large 24×16 $299.00. In a 10 hour drive you can just press back against it and you will feel perfect and pain free.

Great also for anywhere you are sitting. Your office chair, doing yoga, (the meditation kit is my favorite package and best deal). The package it comes in is shown Online.

For any body part that hurts that you can wrap one around. I have personal friends who have gone from not being able to walk a mile because of knee pain to walking 20 miles in a day and being pain free the next day.
These are nothing short of a miracle.

One lady came in and needed a smaller size because her knee reduced in size by half in one day.

I feel strongly that if you have been having problems, as long as you are wearing one wherever that problem is, you will be mind blown -guaranteed!

Neck $30 Back $45 Elbow $30 Wrist $30 Ankle $30 Knee $45

Tree Shirt Therapy? To bring even more good balance NATURE energy to your day you can add a VibesUP TREE SHIRT/ t-shirt, infused with essential oils of 11 trees and tiny quartz crystals to help emanate constant rays of this energy. Wearing this is like sitting under a tree in Nature.

There are even water bottles with a beautiful bottoms of gemstones, essential oils, flower essences in an infrared formula that energetically charges the water. $30

Therapeutic jewelry tuned for all kinds of different themes.

Customizable Insoles (grounding) $99


Chakra Tune Up $99


Coaster Charges contents upon it. Creams that help shift pain or aging.

There are many many more products that I will be adding. Please go to VibesUP and peruse their website. She has come up with hundreds of things for everything and everyone. These are just a few things I have at the shop. I have many more things that are not listed here that I will list as I get time. I’m trying to keep it brief, but every person I have given these too is VERY excited, and quite a few have shed tears of joy from the pain relief.

Pain can be a constant stress that drags our energy down and drains so many areas of our lives. But we can’t give up trying to find answers! When we DO find a solution, we want to shout it from the mountain tops (literally). So here I am. When you experience the kind of relief I have had, you will understand why I am so exited. My genuine life passion was to be able to help EVERYONE feel their best. I am excited to be able to do that now by adding these tools to my repertoire to uplift the lives of my clients and myself. If you are in pain or know someone who is, please stop by our place and give these a couple minutes of your time. Yes, It works that fast.

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